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Accelerating ambition

Monitor Release 2021

We are delighted to bring you the eighteenth full year edition of theNew Zealand Private Capital Monitor. This edition of…

What Private Capital Can Do for Your Business

Typically venture capital funds are associated with investment in start-ups and early-stage companies. But what about more mature profitable companies…

Every business is different

Every business if different. And so are the private equity and venture capital managers. There is a common perception all…

Private Equity: Myths & Realities

When it comes to private equity, misconceptions are abundant. Let’s set the record straight. Private equity is a unique but…

NZ Venture Summit

Wednesday 13 April 2022 Waiheke Island, Auckland
Waiheke Island, Auckland
private capital invested New Zealand companies (over ten years)
private capital invested in growth ambitions of New Zealand companies (over ten years)
“Being a shareholder in a private company requires genuine partnership".”

Ross George, founder and managing director
of private equity investor Direct Capital

Climate-related disclosures

The External Reporting Board (XRB) is working on a regulated disclosure regime that initially involves 150-200 of our largest organisations…

Simpson Grierson release annual M&A trends report

Simpson Grierson is proud to present its annual M&A report, Expanding Horizons 2021: A Review of New Zealand M&A Trends…

NZ Private Capital Announces New Elected Council members

Five new members have been appointed to NZ Private Capital council. Anastasiya Gutorova, David Denzer, Fiona Foster, Ryan Thompson and…

Coller Capital Private Equity Barometer

There has been a big leap in investor satisfaction with the transparency of GPs’ disclosures and communications, according to Coller…