About Us


Our ambition is to be a bolder, stronger advocate for the industry - giving it more voice and profile in and outside the industry.

We champion and actively help businesses navigate and understand the Private Equity and Venture Capital world.

Markets and growth require the free flow of capital. The association provides an important role in linking business owners with investors.


The business community and public in New Zealand view us as a connector and mentor; helping others achieve their goals, through support, shared learning and connections.

Our conferences provide great networking and good exposure to new and broad business trends.

Our members span the activities of the private capital market including international and domestic fund managers; law, accounting and banking professionals; institutional investors; business angels and government agencies.

What does it cost to join NZ Private Capital?

Fees are calculated on the financial year 1 April – 31 March. Fees must be received in order to access…

What does NZ Private Capital do for me?

Value of membership of NZ Private Capital NZ Private Capital is a not-for-profit industry body committed to developing the venture…


registered members
Domestic and international members representing over 2000 individuals involved in private capital


Private equity members
Domestic and international PE investors accelerating growth ambitions for New Zealand businesses


venture capitalists
Venture investors accelerating global ambitions for New Zealand start-up businesses


corporate members
Domestic and international professional service firms working alongside investors and New Zealand businesses

“The focus of fund managers on investment in export growth, new markets, recruitment and R&D is proof of the need for private capital investment.”

Brad Wheeler,
Partner, EY

Voice of Private Capital

NZ Private Capital is the voice of private capital in New Zealand. Our members partner with businesses across every sector of the market to help them grow. Businesses backed by private capital investment make a significant contribution to growing the nation’s economy.

As the leading voice for private capital investment, we support our industry through advocacy on important policy issues, helping shape regulatory frameworks and encouraging members to contribute ideas and challenges that accelerate growth ambition.